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Guaranteed quality

We make sure that by investing 1$ you will receive at least 2$ in return.

Optimization technology

We combine unique technologies in our platform for optimization of all sources in REAL time.

Amazing Team

We have experts from all verticals in mobile industry: App Development, Mobile Analytic, Marketing and Advertising.

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How does it work?

Cycle of your app promotion.
  • research
  • softlaunch
  • launch
  • S&R
  • softlaunch
  • launch

How does it work?

Cycle of your app promotion.

Research & Strategy

Our team is specialized in preparing unique strategies for each individual project, depending on the market of the launch and KPI's that have been set.

Softlaunch testing of creatives

There is always a cycle of successful app promotion and in order to achieve best results, we recommend to test the creatives on a small amount of audiences so we can better understand the fit and need among the users we will be targeting.

Full launch with optimization

Next step is to launch the app in full force and gather a bigger amount of users. Real time optimization will be held on each traffic source in order to achieve your KPI's.

Our extra services.

Media buying

We have a dedicated Media Buying Team that can bring success to your app in any country. Focusing on the needs of the clients we make sure to optimize the campaigns on daily basis so we can bring great performance results and the most important, ROI from the users.

Social media

There is a number of tools and tricks that we use in order to get successful social media users, making sure that the targeting is very precise and fits the targets of the app. We works only directly with biggest social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Top ranking capabilities

Are you looking for Top Raking? We have an automated system that can help bringing your app into the top of the charts in the store. All of the installs are made by incentivisation of the user to complete an action but since all the users are real the interaction with the app product is way higher.

Creative development

We are very experienced in terms of creatives, knowing what works and what doesn’t. Just at the first glans on the material, we can tell how it will perform and what retention rate you should expect. Our team of highly experienced designers is able to create wonders for your app promotion with a guarantee that you will get some well targeted paying users.


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